Make a Liqwith™ Moment Out of It

Liqwith™ is a next-generation mobile social platform for grabbing a drink based on accurate experiences and not-so-much on misguided branding. We focus on helping people create the best drinking experiences, whether it is having a coffee with a coworker, grabbing a smoothie with your kids, or having a beer with some friends.

Having a drink with friends and family is one of the most enjoyable social events, and it is often combined with great food, entertainment, and relaxation. We aim to make this experience even better by creating a community for creating and sharing drinking experiences all over the globe.

Launching in 2018

Making Life a Little Easier

More than Just Drinks

We live in a digital world that comes with great new inventions—the portable defibrillator, cameras, computers, planes, and rockets for example. But the small innovations are often the ones that make our day-to-day lives a little easier. For example, Uber makes it easier to get a ride, and Netflix helps you pick a new series to watch. Now there is Liqwith™, making it easier for you to grab a drink, share experiences, and have fun!

Why commit a whole social media app for drinking, you ask? Well, it isn’t just about drinks! It is more of a philosophy that is connecting the dots. Drinking is connected to health, food, socializing, pleasure, fun, education, charities, and much more. All of that is what Liqwith™ is about. Drinking is our center point but not our limitation. Another important thing is that drinks are not digital. Unlike a digital “like”, drinks touch lives, whether it is sharing a beer with friends or supplying children in Africa with clean drinking water.

Liqwith™ Community

Be a Part of the Community

Create a profile and start sharing experiences. Interact with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers from all over the world. Review the drinking spots that you’ve visited and learn about new ones. Of course, the community is not restricted to just drinks, but it is nice to grab one with loved ones and have a moment. This is what the Liqwith Community is all about!

Liqwith™ Home

Create a Liqwith™ Moment at Home

Having a drink doesn’t mean you have to go out. Staying at home can be fun as well! Liqwith™ Home enables you to create a moment right in your own home. Organize a get together with friends or make time to relax by yourself. Liqwith™ Home provides you with the best recipes to make your own smoothies, cocktails, and other beverages. Or come up with your own and share it with others!

Liqwith™ Moment

Plan a Liqwith™ Moment

Grabbing a drink with a colleague, friend, relative, or the girl of your dreams can be a hassle. Just like you, they all have a busy schedule, which makes it hard to plan. But life is short, so why not make the most out of it right away? With Liqwith™ Moment, you can easily plan and meet up for a drink. You pick a place to visit, pick a date, and send an invite. Simple as that. No need to hold off on your plans anymore.

Liqwith™ World

Donate Water to People in Need

Drinks come in all kinds of different tasty forms like coffee, tea, beer, and wine. But liquids are not just a luxury product; water is a necessity of life. Yet for some people, it isn’t for granted. 663 million people in the world live without clean water. So with Liqwith™ World, we aim to help existing charities provide people in need with clean drinking water.

The Future of Grabbing a Drink

With Blockchaining and Self-Learning Technology

Finding out about a new café that fits your likes based on a photo of you or those of your friends. Get suggested a healthy smoothie that is in tune with your lifestyle. Information like this would make life just a little easier, and sometimes, that is all you need. These are examples of the many implementations of self-learning software. We will utilize this technology to make the Liqwith™ experience the best it can be. We also see whole new possibilities with blockchain and distributed ledger technology. By implementing a peer-to-peer blockchain, we aim to give people more control over their data. This way, you can share your Liqwith™ experiences with your friends but shield it from your coworkers (or aliens). By creating a decentralized community, we can prevent third-parties from standing between you and your goal, resulting in a system purely based on accurate experiences and not-so-much on misguided advertising.

A New Way of Branding

Consumer Experiences above Advertisements

Branding and advertisements are great! Yet they have their flaws and can be deceiving. That is why we came up with a new branding model. Instead of the advertising being the leading factor of the branding, we redirect the consumer experience to this position. This way, consumers aren’t presented with the brand that spends the most money on great advertising but with brands that actually hold up to their expectations. We do this by implementing a constantly updated review system and obtaining data with self-learning software. By connecting this data to your needs, we present you suggestions that won’t disappoint. This will lead brands to focus more on their actual products and services instead of a good-looking advertisement.

Let’s Make Yesterday’s Future Today’s Reality

How You Can Support Us

Support Online
Follow us on social media and share our unique idea. The more exposure, the better. We’re also encouraging people to write blogs and articles. At this point, we mostly need to spread the word.

Support Offline
Don’t share Liqwith™ on the web only. Tell a friend, family member, colleague, or total stranger about us, the next big social app while enjoying a drink, of course! It is a small thing to do but a huge favor for us!

Share Your Vision
We don’t want this app to be good—we want it to be great! If you have ideas or feedback, please share it with us. We would really appreciate that. Get involved!

Financial Support
At the moment, we don’t have a platform to raise money, and so far, that wasn’t needed. But once we go to the next phase, we will look for ways to gain financial supporters and investors. Interested in helping us out? Let us know!

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